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Insights from Global Digital 2019 Report

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According to We are Social and Hootsuite’s Global Digital 2019 Report, an average of more than one million users join the internet everyday(11 new users per second). The report also shows that the number of mobile users in the world has increased to 5.11 billion people indicating a 2% increase since last year. And the number of internet users has increased to 4.39 billion indicating a 9% increase since January 2018. The number of social media users has also gone up to 3.48 billion users representing a 9% increase since last year, while about 3.26 billion people now use social media on their mobile devices.

The report showed that each day, people spend an average of 6hours and 42 minutes online. And these internet users mostly spend their time online visiting, Youtube, Wikipedia, popular social media. Both SimilarWeb and Alexa’s have Google as number one on their rankings of the world’s most visited websites list. With Youtube showing as number two, Facebook at number three, is at number four while Wikipedia remains at number five.