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The market for internet video streaming in India is expected to grow from $500 million in 2018 to a potential $4.5 billion to $5 billion in 2023, according to a November 2018 report from the Boston Consulting Group.


A Pearson study found that in the U.S., members of Generation Z, defined as ages 14 to 23, rank YouTube and video as preferred methods for learning by significant margins over millennials.


A report from the Cisco telecommunications company predicted that by 2021, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be video, up from 67 percent in 2016.


According to 's report on ‘A Decade of Promoting Multilingualism in Cyberspace’ (2015), it is estimated that only 10 out of the the world’s approximately 6,000 languages make up 84.3 percent of people using the Internet. English and Chinese being the dominant languages


"Knowledge sharing can save lives. And video is the only way in which much of the developing world can access that information.” by Ian Furst


What’s new with GOI’S OER network?

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In our bid to make knowledge and data freely accessible to everyone, the GOI Foundation has established an OER Platform. On the 21st of March  2019,  the foundation held a second meeting to discuss the way forward concerning it’s OER platform. The meeting was held at 14:00 UTC on Skype. In attendance was Greg Mccvery and the founders of GOI. A number of issues were raised and discussed but majority of the discussion centered on what the OER Platform was, the Known technology and how the GOI team intends to get more people to sign up unto their OER platform.


About GOI’s OER Platform

The GOI OER platform was built on Known. Every individual that signs up unto the platform, gets their own websites for free. With their individual websites, users will be able to post content, blog post, images, etc. Users can create new pages, mention and update their status. One could conclude that the Known platform is similar to   Wordpress except that it combines the functionalities on a social media page, static pages and a standard blog. On the GOI network you can decide to give someone access to edit your safe space. All abusive users will be blocked on the platform to prevent harassment and any form of attacks.


Advantages of the OER Platform

Aside one getting a free website for signing up unto GOI’s OER, other advantages of the OER platform includes; Known will have something called service workers which will allow for remote local storage and upload when online, Students will be able get their field work out there for everyone to use and, the wiki is more for the sharing of data and knowledge.

 GOI's OER network

What content can users upload or create on their OER sites

The OER platform allows people to release educational materials in the public domain. So users on GOI’s network can create or upload training materials, research work or documentation of their work in their respective fields.


In as much as GOI’s mission is to make knowledge freely accessible, we believe getting more females to sign up unto our platform and encouraging them to document their work can help bridge the digital gender gap. Join GOI’s OER network and help us create a future where that young man or girl in a remote village who has no money  to buy books or education materials can freely acquire knowledge and education through GOI’s OER platform.


I am so excited to have my OER platform. I hope I'm able to share some vital information in this space